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    Networking Question

    In Ubuntu Hoary Hedgehog, where do I go into to set and config my network settings such as TCP/IP, Subnet Mask, Default Gateway, DNS etc. For eg in Win 2000 Pro I go to my Network Neighbourhood for this and this also applies to Win XP as well.

    The prob I'm having is that my Linux PC has a default IP address of and my other Win 2000 Pro also has the same IP as well which is causing a collison or conflict. What I want to do is as follows:

    1. Assign a new IP and subnet to the Linux PC
    2. Manually input a default Gateway (this being the IP address of my ADSL

    3. Manually input DNS server.

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    I think its somewhere in: /etc/networks/

    poke around there for a config file and edit with your editor of choice. i.e vim. nano, emacs, etc.....
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    in the gnome menu where the system settings are theres a gui app for the job ye want to do
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