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    A few advices on dealing with source files

    I would need a few advices on how to deal with source files, like:

    - Should I place all source files into /usr/src/ ? I know that I don't have to, but I wonder should I make it into a habit of placing them all there.

    - I remember seeing that there is way to merge 3 source commands (./configure, make, make install) into one. How? Maybe by using pipes?

    - After compiling source code files, is it safe to delete source file folder? I am asking this because when I use 'make clean' the folder still remains there.

    - Is there any reason why I should not use 'make clean' after compiling is done?

    - When I am folder that has space in its name (e.g. My Downloads), some source files does not want to compile because of the space in the folder's name. It seems that they don't know how to override space (like we humans do by using char \). I usually solve this issues by moving source into no-space-in-the-name folder. Is there another way to solve this issue?

    Sorry for a bunch of questions

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    No problem for the questions.

    1) There is no need to do this. /usr/src is really for the Linux kernel sources. I personally have a ~/source folder for examining and compiling source code.

    2) You could do:
    ./configure && make
    make install
    Since you need to switch into root mode for the install, you can't link that one to the first two (unless you use sudo).

    3) It is. The only thing to beware of is if you ever want to uninstall the application, as deleting the folder will also get rid of the 'make uninstall' command.

    4) Not that I can see.

    5) Heh, one of the first things you learn is that spaces in folder names is just a pain. There probably is a way to fix it, but I dunno it. You might rename the 'My Downloads' folder to 'My_Downloads' or something, which would fix the problem.

    And hey, questions are good!

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