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    Remove dektop home icon

    This is just a quick question. How do I remove the "Home" icon from the desktop? If I delete it, it just appears again on startup.

    The command for the icon link is konqueror --profile filemanagement

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    sounds like you are using KDE.

    If you dont want any icons on your desktop, right click, icons, then show no icons or something similar to that

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    I couldn't find the option onlinebacon described in KDE 3.5, however icons can be disabled in kcontrol -> Desktop -> Behavior -> Show icons on desktop

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    Actually, I don't want to remove all the icons from the desktop just the icon labeled "Home." As I said, if I delete it, it just comes back. I want to keep my other desktop icons.

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    Don't know if this will work (I don't run KDE), but maybe you could delete it then save the session while it's deleted. Then with any luck, maybe the icon will still be gone when you log back in. Just guessing here...

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    EDIT: problem solved. OS forums are helpful

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