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    have you tried the command I told you to use?


    (because you mistyped it apparently to begin with) This will set up your xorg.conf file which should cure your "no screens found" problem as long as you know your horizontal and vertical refresh rates for your monitor.

    after you go through the fglrxconfig stuff then type startx and hopefully you'll get some form of a windowmanager.
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    Now that we know that you installed X windows, I agree with what spencerf says. If that does not work, than you can try sending a support message to ATI. You will have to register your graphics card, and send them a support question. For now though try typing fglrxconfig.

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    Talking Thanks for the help

    i did try that command a few times, diffrent spellings and such. i am going to reinstall it (it only took 15 mins total to install on my system) and then call ATI tech support for help (why not use the free tech support instead of bothering you guys ) but i really appreceate the help u have given me tommasso & spencerf. i will however have to do the ATI thing during the weekend (i have semester exams this week) i'll get back to u guys in here, so look for this thread popping up on page one soon

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    Good luck with your finals, and with the ATI help line. I didn't have much success with them, but my problem was different. We will see how you coped with them in a few days when you finish finals. Mine ended last week

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    Lightbulb I Got An Idea!!

    okay, 2 years ago i bought a ATI Radeon 7000 64MB PCI card (i didn't know the diffrence between AGP 8x & PCI, and Radeon 7000 & Radeon 9600) so when i stuck it into my no agp computer, i found out it's only good for desktop things, for gaming (i thought it could handel gaming) was worse than intergrated gfx. ne who heres what im thinking:

    I take out my x300 & stick in the PCI radeon 7000, boot it up and hopefully linux can get the GUI up and running, from there i can do alot of stuff, especailly get it online and doin that auto-update thing u told me to do... i've already dusted off the old card (only the box was dusty) and am about ready to stick it in, (wish me luck!)

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    Talking Ohhh Yeah!!!!

    yay KDE booted with the Radeon 7000, it's surprisingly snappy for a junkie 20 buck gfx card now i gotta config the internet, when thats taken care of i'll be back for how to auto-update

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    hi tommasso, can u help me out, heres the thread link (im having problems with internet now)

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