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    Specifying the target triplet with ./configure

    Okay, I've been using Linux for a while but I've never had to do this, since config.guess did an accurate job at identifying the target triplet of my previous computer. But that one belongs to my sister now, and I just built a new one with an AMD Athlon 64 3200 processor. I'm following the instructions of Now, when I run config.guess to see if the binutils package's identification of the target triplet is correct, I get this:
    ...and I know that's not right, since the one that should be used is "amd64-linux-gnu" (courtesy of our friend google). I know this is a noobish question, but how do I tell configure to create the makefile with the TT specified as "amd64-linux-gnu"?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Your CPU is recognized as an i686, and it is correct... Well, you could want i686_64, but why would you want that? Would only give you problems (64 bit compiled software).
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