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    New to the forums...

    Hey all, new to the forums here. Just installed a fresh version of Fedora Core 4 on my PC. Dual booting with XP. I had used older RedHat versions back in 'da day, but now that I will be taking Linux Admin and Linux Networking+Security in the fall semester at school, I thought I would get back into it. Thought I would take a hack at an install of Gentoo, but that got all FUBAR'd on me after the install was complete. The GRUB loader wouldn't show a screen and when it DID load, it came up with disk errors and "needed maintenance". Too much for me at that point so I scrapped it and went with Fedora (that's what my school uses anyway).

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    welcome to the forums!
    All right, brain. You don't like me and I don't like you, but let's just do this and I can get back to killing you with beer. All New Users Read This!!! If you have a grub problem please look at GRUB MANUAL

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    Welcome the the forums, cradivonyk. Hope you'll have fun here and visit often!


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    This is my first time here. Looking for info on dual-booting. I have also been taking a class on Fedora core 4. It seems like some in the class had trouble dual-booting Fedora with xp. Did you have any trouble? Did you do anything special or just follow default? I want to put Fedora on a second hd did you do that?

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