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    Does having loads of program slow your computer down?


    If I installed loads of programs on my computer would it slow the computer down.

    I ask this because for some reason I dislike having programs on my computer which I do not use and for the ones I do use, I tend to go for the more minimalistic ones, despite my root partition being 15GB (and am only currently using 5GB, including Doom3 demo, Q4 demo, ET, TCE).


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    having them sat on your hard disk shouldn't effect the performance of your pc, only if you load them.

    If your pc is struggling, try one of the lighter (less resource hungry) desktops/window managers .


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    No... programs installed will not slowdown your system. However service programs will run in background, so they will take some memory and a little of CPU.
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    In Windows it could slow down the computer if you were running very low on hard drive space. Windows needs swap space on the hard drive to function, so that it can multi task. Linux has a separate partition for swap space so you wouldn't run into that problem as much as in Windows. i'm not sure it would effect how fast your computer runs very much. Nothing noticable anyway.
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