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    the fox is my browser of choice, but one thing that konqueror has is the split windows! that's just fantastic! you can like, copy files from ftp sites and stuff onto your computer via drag-and-drop. i just love it! 'scuse me while i find an excuse to use this...

    and windows users think their GUI is more functional...
    Here's why Linux is easier than Windows:
    Package Managers! Apt-Get and Portage (among others) allow users to install programs MUCH easier than Windows can.
    Hardware Drivers. In SuSE, ALL the hardware is detected and installed automatically! How is this harder than Windows' constant disc changing and rebooting?

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    I agree on the buttons, I absolutely HATE the firefox buttons (especially the ultra-aliased radiobuttons), they should take on the firefox (or at least GTK) theme, like opera and KDE does (with opera and KDE themes)...

    Konqueror supports many firefox plugins through nsplugin, the tabs work fine (iirc ctrl+t for opening tab and ctrl+w to close tab, but ctrl+, (comma) to move to the left tab and ctrl+. (point) to move to the right tab. To many tabs in firefox make them unusable...). Really nice, I used it as default last time I was on KDE (last week , I use epiphany atm, same ugly buttons as firefox), but as mentioned gmail didn't have full support so I used kmail for my gmail account. If you setup konqueror preloading in kcontrol, it starts even faster. And the kget integration is neat (I don't like the defaul ffx download either, thats one of the reasons I use epiphany). konquerors adblock work great for images, but unfortunately not for flash. It also supports automaticly identifying as different browsers for different pages (for example, identify as MS IE for one page and MAC safari for another page). Great browser, and nice integration with stuff like FTP, local files etc. If it works for you, you don't need firefox.

    Edit: Don't mistake me for being anti-firefox, I like firefox too! Just trying to show what I don't like with it and what I like with konqueror...

    EDIT2: I also like konqueror's protocols - if I type wp:someword or ggi:someword, it will lookup wikipedia or google images for "someword"

    BTW, this ad stuff is getting annoying - I start wondering if this and that link in the texts (like "browser") are made by the author or automaticly added ads!

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    Thumbs down Keybindings

    Have you tried to modify the key shortcuts from the settings menu? I think one of the greatest strengths of KDE is that very feature. For instance, I really believe that the Ctrl and Cmd keys should be swapped; kind of like the a Macintosh. Try typing Alt-c, Alt-x, Alt-v for a a little while and you will see what I mean if you can ignore the fact that you are so used to something else. Anyway, the point is that KDE and therefore Konqueror are quite flexible in this regard.

    One more note about the Ctrl and Alt swap - I am a professional cellist, therefore, I take ergonomics quite seriously. I am also a software developer so I type quite a bit (vim). The control key combination should be avoided at all cost! It is quite awkward to stretch your least flexible finger to the furthest region of the keyboard and to only use your most flexible finger, the thumb, for nothing other than the space bar, or for some, the windows key .

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