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    SuSE boot problems: even from the CD

    My SuSE wouldn't boot, so I figured that since I installed it a month ago, It was probobly something i installed. the screen that asked me wether to boot from a floppy, windows, or boot into linux did show, but then the screen with the little lizard thing didn't and the screen was blank for a long time until I decided to give up on it. I even tried booting from the installation CD but the same thing happened. Well, anyway, I used my windows 98 boot disk to delete all the partitions, make one, and then format it. I tried rebooting into the SuSE installation, but I had the same problem. I did some research and decided to clear the master boot record, because If I booted without the CD, it would boot into GRUB. Guess what? I still have the same problem. Can anyone tell me what I can do?

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    Just for clarity, you still cannot boot from the SuSE install CD?

    Also what version is it?

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    I can boot, i just can't load the installation. It's SuSE 9.0. I'm running some diagnostic measures on my harddrive as we speak.

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    Did you set up X before you went away from linux? If not, it may be that suse is trying to start xdm, or somthing similar (kdm, gdm, adm). This may be the cause of the blank screen, because your monitor does not support the mode suse is trying to use. Can you boot a text only mode?

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