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    Samba Directory Files Backup

    We have a small office with RH8.0 box running Samba as a File Server - clients are WinXP and Win2000.

    The backups have been "poor-boy"ed - we use zipped tar format on a cron. The script is a home grown Perl script - feeding the tar and building it as it searches through the directories - then dumping it onto another box (hard disk backup).

    Problem is: The windows file names may have "&" or other blinking characters. Tar screws up as a result midways, backups come to s screeching halt.....

    What can we use (open source please....we are working on a shoe string budget!) to perform backups of these windows files...?

    I've seen where Amanda or BRU can do this, seems it requires some dollars.

    I've toyed with the idea of going cpio instead...any thoughts?

    Thanks, all responses appreciated!

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    I'm not sure if I see the problem. tar has no problems dealing with `&' or other characters. I just tried, and I could certainly tar files whose names contain a lot of really strange characters. Are you sure that your problem isn't with proper quoting?

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    The problem turns out to be in the perl script that wraps the tar compress command.

    Changed it to be a CPIO command and it seemed to have worked just as well.

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