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    compiling the 2.6.1 kernel

    I've compiled the new kernel but I can't get the sound to work. Also the text frame buffer won't display my monitor just says that the refresh rate is to high. and when I try to compile and install the alsa modules it installs them to the 2.4.22 modules directory instead of the 2.6.1 modules directory.

    thanx in advance for the help.
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    instead of ALSA i would reccomend OSS....and are you using M's in the kernel? or *'s? as for the refresh rate... try and run xf86config as root in the CLI...hope that helps

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    OSS is deprecated in 2.6.x... ALSA is now built-in to the kernel.. you don't have to compile the ALSA modules separately anymore.. but you do have to have the latest alsautils installed....
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