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Thread: login questions

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    login questions

    I have two problems/questions, they may be related, I don't know. I am very new to Linux so any help is good help.

    First of all, i have two users on my machine root (obviously) and user1. I have it setup as a dual boot with win98. when i turn on the comp and select linux in the LILO, i am automatically logged in as user1, instead of being prompted for which user to select. i prefer the latter situation.

    Also, i seem to get a repeated error message on startup and shutdown that reads something close to this:

    lpm_validate_partition_table disk read failure

    I have no idea what this means or if it relates to the first problem. Once again any help is appreciated. i'm very new so try to explain what i need to do as best as you can.

    Thanks so much,

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    I think your first problem can be solved if you run gdmsetup. It has an option for automatically logging in a user.
    I can't solve the second problem just right away, though. It'll have to wait for my part.

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    i looked at the gdmsetup, and it didn't have anything set for the automatic login. so i tried setting for auto login and then unsetting it. i then logged out, and then rebooted. when rebooting i came straight into the KDE3.1 and then it said "restoring session", and came right back in as the user, with all of the same windows open on the desktop.

    anything else you think it might be?

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    Also about that second thing the message is:

    ldm_validate_partition_table(): Disk read failed.

    As far as the autologon, i have tried using the control center mandrake 9.1 has for configuring the KDE login manager and bootloader, and nothing availed there either , i'm guessing this will be a command line answer?

    Anyways, thanks again for putting up with my ignorance.

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