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Thread: In the dark

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    In the dark

    Ok, I did a very silly thing, and should be reprimanded!

    While finalising my SuSE 9 installation, which was going smoother than a Barry White song, I tried to trick SuSE into thinking that I had a Radeon 9700 in my box instead of what I really have which is a Radeon 9600pro, which wasn't listed. I'm now left with a monitor going into, and staying in, standby mode soon after the grub loader.

    I've scoured the internet for answers, and understand that a command called 'vga=normal' may help me. But as a complete and utter clueless newbie, I have no idea when to enter this, or what else I may need to do.

    Please help!

    Many Thanks


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    have you tried pressing Ctrl Alt F1 whne your monitor goes into standby mode ?

    This should give you a Linux Console (ie. a text screen with a logon prompt). From here you may like (as the root user) to try re-running the xf86config script/program that will update your /etc/X11/XF86Free.conf (or etc/X11/XF86Config) file (which, at the moment, has the wrong settings).

    Then, if you can get a basic vga setup configured, you should be able to
    and get some sort of gui (I, personally normally start either "kdm" or "gdm", but that's just me).

    have fun


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    it depends when its blackgin out, is it as soon as u select somethign from grub? then u need the vga=788 / vga=normal line, which i think u press z, x or c, or maybe with ctrl+alt while the grun screen is up. last i checked it was written down the bottom of the screen how to edit kernel parameters.

    it shodul come up with some sort of prompt/options, add vga=normal to the end of the append line.

    if it loads everythign then blacksout going into a graphical thing, press ctrl+alt+num_plus a few times to switch resultions. if that doesnt work press ctrl+alt+f1 to get a text terminal, from here, edit /etc/X11/XF86config so that the refresh rate is either turned down or the resolution is lowerd a bit.

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