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    Modules failing in 2.6.1

    Right, this is kindof in reply to my last post here. I built my 2.6.1 kernel on my main (windows machine) under knoppix, to help get the fast build speed (laptop being a 266.). Because this is a debian machine i use make-kpkg to create a kernel package. Now my problem lies in the fact that after i installed this kernel, none of my modules seem to load.

    I upgraded all my utilities (at least i am damn sure i did....) including the module utils from here. Now when i boot i get all sorts of function not implemented and a whole range of other errors. I really dont want to have to re-install, however if necicciary i am willing.

    Is this just and oops, , or is this a serious problem. Machine is a debian woody (not rc3 though) machine.

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    It seems to me as if you didn't manage to install the `module-init-tools' package correctly. The "function not implemented" error that you said you're getting reminds very much of what happens if the old `modutils' package is still being used.

    How did you install the module-init-tools?

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    make install clean. I wonder if this is a probelm with apt not recognizing that there is another (better) modutils on the system.... will look into finding a package.

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    I believe it's a problem with module-init-tools installing themselves into /usr/local/sbin, while modutils remain in /sbin, which is before /usr/local/sbin in the PATH. The README contains some tips on how to remedy that.

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    right... did that, but it kinda blew up. 2.6 still wont work, despite much pleading. i have finally decided to copy down one of the assorted errors i get

     modprobe --version
    modprobe version 2.4.21
    Note: /etc/modules.conf is more recent than /lib/modules/2.6.1/modules.deb
    modprobe: QM_MODULES: Function not implemented
    modeprobe: Nothing to load??
    Specify at elast a wildcard like \*
    I tried doing a ./generate-modprobe.conf /etc/modprobe.conf however it gave me lots of Not translating errors. HELP! Please. Apm no longer works on the laptop, it goes and give output (which it normall does not do) and then chokes.

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    Perhaps is will stick with 2.4 for now. mabey i will be less angry, and more happy with it.

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