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    i do not know it by using gimp?
    i noticed something strange...during boot up at the gnome login screen, i can see the desktop iimage i set for a while, after that it disappears...wats wrong man???????? i m confused

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    it sounds like you set an image for your root window in Gnome, but when Metacity (or Sawfish, whichever 1.4 uses) loads, it's not reading the same image for its background.. so you're probably going to have to look in the docs for Metacity or Sawfish to find out how to change the background in that particular WM..

    Gnome is actually *not* your WM.. Gnome is a set of interface libraries and widget sets that the Metacity and Sawfish WM's use for their display.. the libraries present an interface for programmers to use when writing GUI applications.. the widget sets are the "look'n'feel" of the DE...
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