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    Saftey... Security through obscurity?

    I am running an older kernel, a 2.4.18, and i am wondering... how safe is it. This machine is not always connected to the network (usually not), I dont run things as root. Is this simple fact of being off the network helping safety, or are there published root exploits or viri going around ripping off these kinds of machines?

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    Well technically the best security you can have is to be not connected to a network.

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    I know that there are few (in relation on M$ windows) viri for linux, but i am wondering what are the dangers of running an older kernel.

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    The only dangers that you will run into are kernel exploits. I'm not sure where these are posted, but I'd assume somewhere security-related (,, etc.).

    Also, most (read: all) kernel exploits require root access to execute, so standard security procedures will help in that respect (i.e.: keep everything tight as a drum, watch for patches/exploits regularly, etc.)

    Hope this helps.
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    All 2.4 kernels up until 2.4.24 has the mremap(2) call exploit, which allow a non-root user to gain root privileges.

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