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    Trouble Installing Redhat 9

    I downloaded the .iso's from and burned them to cd's. I attempted to install linux from CD. The computer boots fine into the installer from the CD. I select graphical install, and specify my languages. It then asks where the rest of the install images are, and I tell it local CDROM. After this it says that it cannot find the CD ROM. I go into the F3 menu and it says something about the mounting loop failing. I am assuming that it cannot mount my CDROM drive. So are there commands to mount the CDROM drive manually? It secondary master IDE. Thanks for any help.

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    It seems to be having trouble detecting your CD-ROM at all, since it asks you where to find the installation images. Normally, it should just go directly into the graphical mode and start installing.

    Unfortunately, it's hard to debug these things before the point where it can spawn a shell (you don't get anything if you press Alt+F2, right?).

    Might it be that you have some weird IDE chipset (RAID, seperate PCI card, etc.)?

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    no I get nothing when I go the F2 screen. I have the nforce2 chipset and no raid, so I don't think it should be that weird. . . any other ideas? Its getting frustrating.

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    To manualy mount a cd use:
    mount -t iso9660 /dev/cdrom /<place where to mount it>
    But watch it though, the installer might use a special temp dir for mounting cd's...

    If you have a spare computer, insert the disks and check them to see if you could access a README...
    Maybe a CD had a bad burn.
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    it may be that you have a "bad" CD there.

    See if you can read all of the CDs on another PC. And when you're given the option, do a media scan.


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    yeah I can read all the cd's on other pc's, granted they are running 98 and xp, but I can still read them. Maybe it is a bad burn or bad cd id key?

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    I wouldn't be surprised if it was that nForce2 chipset. Admittedly, I haven't heard of anyone else getting trouble with nForce2 IDE, but nVidia has put a lot of proprietary stuff in those chips, so nothing surprises me about them. Can you check if the installer is able to boot properly on another computer?

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