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Thread: which distro?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dolda2000 may take several days to install a stage1 gentoo on the 350 MHz.
    Is there any kind of reference as to about how long it takes for Gentoo to compile?

    ie 350Mhz 2 days
    700Mhz 1 day
    Athlon XP 2200+ ?

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    On my Athlon XP 2800+, overclocked by a couple hundred MHz, with 1GB ram, it took about 3 days of continuous time to compile everything. That includes the base system, kernel, a whole bunch of extra stuff, both KDE and Gnome, and some other large applications, including openoffice. I was using level 3 optimization, unroll-loops, and some other things. I think the optimizations are worth it in the long run, since the actual programs will run faster.

    You can go with a stage 2 or 3 build, though, and it will be a LOT faster with a slower computer.

    On the other hand, if you have a slower computer, the optimizations might be more worth it. Its really up to you.

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    On my XP 2200+ (running at 1800 MHz) with 512 MB RAM it took about 15 hours or so to compile the system, XF86, GNOME, Emacs and some smaller stuff from a stage 1.

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    Why does it take so long to compile Gentoo? I installed Mandrake 9.2 via FTP in under an hour on the 350MHz PC.

    BTW: Ofcourse, once I try it out, and see how well it works (for what I need it to do), it would be running off a better PC. Probobly a P4 @ 1.7 GHz w/ 512MB RAM. The specific servers I'd be running on it is Apache2 (w/ PHP, Perl), MySQL, ProFTPd, Samba, TeamSeapk2 voice server, and ocassionally Americas Army game server. I would, of course, not run them as root, and the server will be located in my basement...and won't be used much as an everday 'Desktop', just for some cinfiguring and learning some new things about Linux. Primarily, it will just run 24/7 with no human hands near it, but some remote access with Webmin and SSH via PuTTY.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blue|Fusion
    Why does it take so long to compile Gentoo?
    You answerd the question yourself :P Because you compile all the packages. Ive only done a stage1 once i dont see the need IMO stage2 should give a well optimized system but thats just what i think.

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