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Thread: which distro?

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    which distro?

    In your opinion...which linux distro is best for running game servers, web server w/ PHP, MySQL, and the rest of the goodies, and Samba? I will also be using this for word processing, and web on a mixed Linux/Windows network. The PCs will be ranging from PII 350Mhz to high end P4 and better.

    I've tried Mandrake Linux 9.1, and it works pretty good for me, but not real happy that it doesn't support my sound card .

    So what do you think is the best distro for this? Thanks for your input.

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    Technically speaking, Gentoo is always the best distro. ;-)

    However, you should be aware that it may take several days to install a stage1 gentoo on the 350 MHz. Maybe you should consider some binary distro for that?

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    I checked out and looks real awesome. Maybe my mom was right and I am blind (and stupid), but I didn't see if you need to purchase a license or if its free

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    purchase a license???

    no. you don't have to purchase a license.. but, if you wish, you *can* donate to Gentoo to help them out.... or if you're a programmer you can help them improve code, etc, etc.. the idea of the free software movement is that the members of the community help each other by giving back to the community in whatever form they can..
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    Hmm, I recently tried Fedora on my workstation. It lasted about a week and I went back to Debian. Still, I hear a lot of great things about Gentoo. Unless you are a Linux noob, I'd recommend it as well.
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    I always use Debian for servers its very stable and secure by default. And also has a good package manager. Can i ask a question, Is this server being used as your desktop if so i would think about running publicly accessable services on it. If you get r00ted all your files on the machine will be vunrable and it can be userd to start probing your network and maybe screw your whole network just a thing to remeber so maybe consider a DMZ if you can.

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    For servers: Slackware
    Workstations: Fedora.

    Haven't tried debian.
    Tried Suse, didn't like it. Too M$ like. (Personal thought, don't flame.)

    Why Slack, It's the premium: U figure it out ,distro.
    Not much predefined,etc...
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    yes gentoo is good.

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