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    changing window managers

    I want to change the window managers (Kde,Gnome) remotely by doing ssh for the users. i read that there is a file (for each user on machine) in which we can write about window managers to be selected.
    how to do that.
    thanx in advance.

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    IIRC, you're on taht case, I know for sure that it's /etc/rc.conf.

    Just scroll down to the bottom and edit the line that says 'XSESSION='

    Just stick what you want at the end of that (i.e. XSESSION=kde-3.2) and voila!

    Oh..and for a list of valid args for that, check all the scripts in /etc/X11/Sessions/ Those are all the X startup scripts for diff. wms.
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    other computer linux distro is redhat.

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    I believe that the correct file to edit in RedHat is /etc/sysconfig/desktop.

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    well i want to set it to user level
    different wm for each user.
    is /etc/sysconfig/desktop file showing the current running desktop ?

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    if you wan't each user to have its own choice, then ~/.xinitrc is the file you want!

    Good luck

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