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    Mandrake, the initial frontier.

    Well, I ordered the Mandrake 9.2 cheap pack (I call it that instead of discovery), and I was wondering whether any of you fine people have some opinions on the Mandrake distro: good || bad. I'm using Mandrake 9.0, but there are still some things I wonder about -I mostly install .tar.gz, instead of .rpm, but I'm not entirely sure where I ideally should be installing them to -currently I am using /home (which, to my newbian (not neubian) mind, seems wrong). I suppose there is a directory for programs && libraries, but I'm not sure about which dir, or whether I have to chmod these sort of things. Anyways, maybe someone familiar w/ this distro can take me through an installation (err, minus config/make/install). Oh, and for opinions really slamming Mandrake, try to list reasons why, please.

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    I started out with Mandrake, I think its a great distro for new users. Good call on installing from source, definetly the way to go. It doesn't matter where you build from source, make install will install everything where it needs to go. I always had a directory for tarballs in my home folder and that's where I built all my packages.

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    yeah what he said, it doesnt matetr where u compile stuff, the make isntall command puts it all mostly in /usr/local anyway.

    ive used mandrake for a few years and not had any major problems with it (except its dependence on a working GUI for some wizards).

    /me waits for dolda's anti-mandrake speech

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    My one experience with Mandrake consisted of me fighting with the installer and finally getting it installed...only to remove it and install FreeBSD 4.5, which installed more easily.

    Really the only thing I've noticed about MDK through my friends' experiences is that the kernel is extremely customized to MDK. You could probably install vanilla sources and build a vanilla kernel for it if you had problems with the MDK kernel, however.

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