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    The Least Resource Consuming Distro

    I am 99.5 % sure of switching over to LINUX. Which distro is the least resource consuming? Windows XP Pro is ~200mb of memory.

    I have a ASUS Z80k notebook. Does anyone have this notebook with Linux running?

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    Depends upon what you want to do. One of the smallest distros is Damn Small Linux; however, any distro without X and all the bells and whistles is small - as long as you like CLI.

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    I'm keen to Ubuntu. Is it good to install the server as a "MINIMUM" installed OS and then later install packages.?

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    Yes, and Ubuntu 6.06 comes specifically as a Server installation. When you download Ubuntu Server you have the option to install a LAMP server in about fifteen mintues. Quite easy for first time server setup. As for installing additional packages, you can't beat APT.

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    what is the exact difference between the Linux server and Linux Desktop, specifically concerning Ubuntu

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    The "server package" usually comes afaik with only those basic things included that you need to run a server, that means you usually get a core package without a graphical environment. You will be stuck in a command-line and have to build/configure the rest from there. It will differ however from distro to distro what the base system consists of.

    You can fine-tune every distro to a certain degree so it won't eat much memory. My Mandriva 2006 e.g. needs only some 80-90 MB RAM with Gnome 2.10 running. If I run e.g. Firefox and some Evolution stuff (and a total of 82 processes running), I am still only around 175 MB Ram usage.
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    Thanks to all those who answered my questions.

    Switching topics:

    Is Steam/counter-strike and its multiplayer compatible with Linux or does one need Wine or Cedera?

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