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    Smile wine

    i found wine on my disc isntalled it and tried to install stuff like avg and my modem drivers and linux wont install them i know im doing something wrong but what i dont know sorry im very computer illterate so forgive me also my father said that kde is better for learning linux on than knome what do yall say im runnin the suse 10.0 64 bit and running exellent i need help trin to set everything up so i can stop usein windows so much

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    Wine is more for running programs, it doesn't work for drivers as wine runs at a user level and drivers run at kernel level. With regards to installing AVG antivirus you would be much better installing clamav/klamav as
    • AVG is targetted at Windows
    • Under wine it will most likely only scan your virtual Windows drive unless you configure your drive setup to popint at your linux filesystem
    • With regards to antivirus unless you are on a windows network or downloading files for use on Windows you don't really need it - any existing linux viruses tend to be proof of concept only and don't spread very far

    The KDE vs Gnome argument is age-old. Both offer complete desktop environments. Neither will prohibit learning, in fact to really learn you might try working from the command line, even a terminal like gnome-terminal or konsole. It's rally a matter of preference. I believe last time a survey was run here KDE had about 60% of users and Gnome was about 35%. I personally perfer KDE but have been using Gnome the last month or so because it runs well with XGL.

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