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    Well I just got done installing Fedora Core 5 dual boot with Windows XP, and I already love it, except there are so many packages installed! Does anyone have a list or know of a list that gives a description of what the package does, and if it's needed to run the OS? I'm a developer and I won't be using most of the stuff on there. All I need is some basic tools along with my server. Also, do I need to keep RPM and yum? Or will 1 or the other be ok? RPM seems to freeze/hang up a lot, and has problems with "resolving dependancies" so I would like to get rid of it and keep yum.

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    If you have the time, try to experiment with the installations yourself, and see what each packages do. But if you don't I suppose Fedora gives a simple option for specific installation types (server, desktop, etc) on the installation process? And after the installation finish don't fedora ask you wether you want to customize the paackage options?

    About RPM and YUM, ou'll definitely need RPM still installed since all the core packages of fedora uses RPM. Keep YUM for updating your fedora.

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    I just wanna make sure I'm not confusing RPM with something else, when you go to Applications - Install/Remove Packages (last item on the list). That's RPM right?

    I did choose the installation type, but I didn't go through and choose the packages I wanted the 2nd time through. The 1st time I installed it, I chose packages I wanted, and then I tried removing some after installation with RPM, and I couldn't open items on my desktop anymore. So I reinstalled.

    Are any of the packages required for Fedora to run correctly?

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    You need to install the package 'kyum', which is a graphical front end to yum, and it allows you to view a scrollable list of all the packages you have installed and all that are available, and install or uninstall whatever you like.
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