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    Distro Search Via Criteria. Not total Newb

    Good Day Gents and ladies:

    i been trolling hte forums for a bit around this and other ssites looking for a lowdown on some information.

    Here is my grand plan. I have a P3 933 on a generic Intel Motherboard for my Linux box/server. 3 harddrives totaling ~500GB space. and 1GB RAM

    I have in the past used red Hat to play around in linux and for some basic learning but only as a desktop tool.

    The "dream" plan for this full on linux box is as such:

    Internal Fileserver across 4 comptuers (mix of Mac's and Windows bosex)

    FTP Server, private use, for freinds to upload pictures and such for....

    Onlien Picture photo Album.

    Online Forum for at any given time 20 - 40 users (close friends) for small posting and keeping p as we all move on in life.

    Possibly a small website to hold both the gallery and the forums.

    Print server capabilities within the house.

    Now back in the past with the desktops i learned some commandline, was familiar with APT and Synaptic for my package updater, and had setup a samba fileshare, albeit it never quite worked properly. I'm looking for somethign that, while i can do everythign i need in a GUI Environment, i would also like the command line to be nice for future learning.

    Also a distro that may be easier to just drop into the workgroup i have runnign in my house and not have to screw with it to much.

    any help on a distro, and packages for what i eventually would like to do, would be most appreciated. Hope this info helps and i can offer more info as needed

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    Try going to and using their advanced search feature and look for server distros. See what you come up with. =D
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