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    permissions, please explain

    I know you can change permissions of a file to say 777 or 755 or 0755 or 0777 or others, but what exactly do the numbers mean, i have used Linux for a month or so now, and a mate keeps telling me to do this, i know 777 gives all privileges to evry1, but dunno what other levels there are, someone please explain!

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    IIRC it was sarumont who posted a good explanation a while ago use the search to find it.

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    Fast explanation...

    r = read permission = 4
    w = write permission = 2
    x = execute permission = 1

    Total = 7

    Lets say that i want to have a read+execute on a file for the owner only that i run chmod 500 which means (read=4 + execute=1 == 5) on group and everybody section we said 00 which means granted for nothing.

    -r-x------ testfile = 500
    -rwx----- testfile = 700
    -rwx--x--- testfile= 710

    ans so on...


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    Thanx! Think i get it now!!

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