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    Mounting a partition

    I'm an absolute beginner to Linux and need some help.After installing opensuse I had real trouble with my wireless card and got so sick of it I decided to reinstall the OS thinking that it would wipe and reload.Instead the 1st partition remains unused and I need to get the 20G or so back.Got the wireless working though

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    As far as I know, your two options are to start over, or designate the extra space as your /home or /usr/local directory
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    2 options I can think of, 1 of which I am not sure if it would work.

    First option, is to mount it as some directory. You would probably want to do it with your home directory.

    Seccond option, and this is the one that I am not sure if it would work, is to run fdisk, and delete both partions, and make a new one that spans over the space of both the old partions. As I said, I am not sure if it would work, as I have never tired it, but it may. What you are doing is just defining the boundrys to the partion, it is not like you are deleting everything that was in that space before you deleted the pation. You are just re-defining boundrys.

    As I said though, I have no real idea if that seccond option would work. You should have somebody else verify it.

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    second option works fine... i tried it... but u have to be careful while redefine partions.... check help pages and all options first.

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