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    Alias' being erased

    I'm trying to alias vi to vim and it works for my one ssh session...but as soon as i close the session and reopen another the alias is lost.

    Any ideas how to make the alias permenant?



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    Aliases only last for a login session. To set them permanently for your user you can add the alias line to the .bashrc file in your home directory. To set it for all users you need to modify the /etc/profile script.

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    I had a look at the profile on 2 of our machines, one has vi aliased to vim for all users and one doesn't, but the 2 profiles are exactly the same.

    I then tried creating a ".bashrc" file and putting the alias in there, unfortunately this didn't seem to do anything...

    Thanks for the reply, any ideas on these?


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    .bashrc doesn't get read in login shells, you need to source it by hand or in your .bash_profile.
    . bashrc or source .bashrc

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