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    Downloading file starting out as root.

    I know this may seem like a newb question and I am a newb to running a server.

    Heres my problem, I made the server compress and backup a site, then it created a cp-move file. I need to download this so,

    It set itself to root ownership and group.I moved it to a public directory, Then changed group permission and ownership to the user on the account.

    Now its identical in chmod and ownership to other files on the server.

    Am I missing something because I can view it, but it gives me an error everytime I try to download it saying that I dont have permission.

    I tried to cover all I could on this.

    Thanks, any help is appreciated, I believe Im runnin redhat, not sure though.

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    If it is running Fedora Core with SELinux, you need to give the file the correct "context". Try
    restorecon <file>

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    Didnt work but thanks for the tip. Glad to see such quick response.

    Only one thing that leads me to believe something is different bout how the server reads the file.

    The name of the file is cpmove-kimmeys.tar.gz*

    After I type the command ls.

    Weird but thanx to this problem I've learned a lot, Just not enough to know whats wrong.

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    ls -l
    Which will show all non-hidden files in the working directory in the form of a list.

    Now, you should post (on this thread) the line with your file on it.

    It should look something similar to:
    -rw-r--r--  1 tom users        43 2006-07-20 07:44
    After you give us that it should help us some more.

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    It seems to be an issue with file size.
    Its 6 gigs.

    Thanx for the help though.

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