alright, i got Suse 9.0 and i have had hardcore issues getting my favorite 3d app, Softimage XSI 3.0 EXP, and Houdini 6.1 Apprentice Early Acess, to work under linux.

i downloaded the tar.gzip file off of
and installed the software and all goes well, except for an error at the end of the installation.. looking at the log file it said absolutly nothing on what it was. But when i looked at the directory all the files seemed to be there. There i saw XSI program file (it is one of those little blue gear icon program files)
and when i launch it it says "the program XSI cannot be found"

the same thing happened under houdini, except that there were no errors on installation.

any suggestions on what i might be doing wrong?

These apps are only supported for Redhat, but i've seen that people in other distrubutions have managed to make them work with almost no problems.

i went to the softimage xsi exp forum and got no help there, so i turned to a linux forum for some advice or suggestions....[/b]