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    I am using a linux box with redhat 9 on a lan with 2 windows machines and i need to setup and configure a firewall so i can game online i dont know enough about linux to use command line and i am looking for a good easily installed GUI operated firewall application JP

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    I don't know how your connected to the internet but just using a low end router with built in stateless packet filter would do find and you can turn firewall off or on for all amachines since it by you single conneciton from any of the machines.

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    through a wirless internet card in the linux box and an antenna on my roof
    i found a firewall that is menu based and my isp says it will do what ineed but i am so linux dumb that i dont know what the varibles in this command line mean # rpm -Uvh firewall-jay-x.y.z.rpm i dont know
    what x.y.z. are, are they a file path ?? and i need a overview on how to use this rpm utility

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    Here is a link that point to the RPM Howto, and anotherone here

    # rpm -Uvh firewall-jay-x.y.z.rpm
    rpm = Well the main package manager on most distro's
    -Uvh = Options you pass to the rpm program; U = Upgrade package, v = Verbose, h = hash
    firewall-jay-x.y.z.rpm = filename (x could be target processor type like i386 or i686, z could be program version.)
    Use rpm -q firewall-jay to see if it is installed allready
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