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    Unhappy Can't Access Repos

    For some weird obscure reason, I can't access the Ubuntu repositories on my computer. I was just downloading from the repos (AmaroK, K3B, Azureus and aMule to be precise) and suddenly I started getting timeouts.

    I can't access the official Ubuntu site or either. I tried BOTH Windows and Linux.

    What the hell's going wrong?

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    It seems as if their server are down for whatever reason. I just checked and don't get positive ping replies. Retry in some hours.
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    I think this has been the case since late last night. I am too new to really know that the "repos are down" persay, but I have been unable to install or update anything and have been getting these same errors.

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    Well, everything you access is hosted on servers. The Ubuntu homepage and the repos. Repositories are nothing else then servers that store all the software and make it available for anyone to download. Software repositories are available in Linux, Windows and Mac (to a different degree of course). If the server is e.g. the target of a DoS (Denial of Service) attack, it can "break". Other reasons why it is down are commonly some hardware failure, someone who broke into the server from outside and disabled it (crackers) or some mistake done by the admins. Getting a server up and running again can be a matter or a few minutes or a few months, depending on the damage done.
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