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    Linux hates me....

    Ok so i decided i wanted to give linux a whirl... so i download mandrake (i check the md5sums... they are good) i install everythings going fine and dandy i boot up this is where i hit issues it freezes at "finding module dependencies" this ticks me off and i try a number of different things (reinstalling at least 20 times different video card driver..) so i get kinda pissed but i just say ok well try something else so i download fedora thats good i burn it to disk and then realize i downloaded the source instead of the binary whoops so i download the goods and burn em to disc then i boot up it loads teh install i check my media its good so i go ahead and say install it trys to load up anaconda but thats were i hit my issue it goes to a white screen with a mouse on it (i can move the mouse for about ~10 seconds) and freezes i know this by a. i let it sit for awhile and it didnt do anything b. my ram activity lights did nothing.. im off to try a text install bbl

    system specs:
    Abit IC7 MAX3
    XMS 4000pro 2x512
    80gb maxtor
    430w truepower
    slot load pioneer cd-rom
    so my ? is what am i doing wrong i cant figure it out

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    Try debian with a text install. Dont load any modules you dont NEED. (sound, extra video card drivers etc.)

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    ok the text install went fine i think... wish the graphic one worked though.. anyways it installed fine and i went to load up and it passes module dependencies and then freezes on some firewire thing doh! ok tomorrow ill dowload debian...

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