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    Install pciutils

    I'm having a problem installing pciutils. The website I downloaded it from says to install it you type:

    make &&

    make install

    When I type make &&, my shell prompt turns to > and does nothing. I've tried typing make install, but then it says something like no target specified. What am I doing wrong?

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    Nevermind. Fixed the problem.

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    as I'm sure you found, the && says "and now run the next command if the last one ended correctly".

    So you can type
    ./configure && make && make install
    and (becuase there is no && at the end of the command) your PC will run the configure command from that directory, and then, if it ends without any errors, run the make command and then if that ends without any errors, it will run 'make install' .

    Or, you can, as you accidently did, enter 'make &&' and then at the > prompt enter the next command - 'make install' and becuase there is no && after it , the whole string of commands will be run.

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