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Thread: installing kde

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    installing kde

    yea i recently installed vector linux but it only came with ICEWM and some other ones and i cant seem to configure those to fit my screen

    so i went to the kde site and downloaded the ftp of slackware packages because i guess vector is based on slackware

    but after i get all the packeges what do i do? do i just extract all of them?

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    Are they binaries or source? If they're source, you have to extract them and compile them. I'd read the README and INSTALL files that come with the main package (if there is one just called kde). If there isn't a package just called kde, then just extract and ./configure && make && make install.

    If they are binaries, just extract them and put all the files in the right places. There should be a script to do this for you (maybe).
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