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    enlightenment xwindows

    how do i install enlightenment? i downloaded it from the website but idk what to do

    ha i realized i dont have any idea how to install anything on linux

    expect xchat that worked fine with the xwindows package extracter

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    What format is the package in?

    If its in tar.gz, just tar xvzf name-of-package.tar.gz, cd into the new directory and do this: ./configure && make && su -c "make install" and everything should be fine. You also have to alter your xinitrc file, but ask about that if you get problems.

    If its in rpm, do this: rpm -Uvh package.rpm

    Also, I recomend as reading material. Its good stuff

    Good luck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by kriss
    If its in rpm, do this: rpm -Uvh package.rpm

    yes but what do i type to get into that

    i did "cd /home/peter

    and it doesnt show anything but do i just type the entire file name and add that thing^ to the end?

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    type this
    cd /path/to/downlaoded/file
    rpm -Uvh enlightenment-version.rpm
    replace the version with the rest of the file name.

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    well i typed that and something happened but it says all this stuff like

     error: failed dependencies
    and alot of other things like [so and so librarie is needed]

    maybe its because i have the red hat version[/code]

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    you`l have to download the libraries shown there and all the files to work the rpm installation.
    A good link for download is :

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