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Thread: ;p iso issues

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    ;p iso issues

    finally dled fedora v1! now i see three .iso files [around 600 - 700mb each], i'm going to burn these files to cds but i have a question that need to be answered before i do. [btw, im not an experienced cd-r burner] for example, fedora1.iso ... i use nero 6 on winxp box to burn stuff to cd-r disc, do i just simply click iso file and burn it to disc? or do i gotta open .iso with winrar and extract these files out and then burn them to disc INSTEAD of just a .iso file?? thanks! ;p

    [if dsl connection work on fedora v1 ( which i might believe it will ) imma walk away from ms products for ever!! ( except i will only use winxp on main computer just for gaming.]

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    heres what you do and trust me i went throuh alot of trouble with this

    open nero, im assuming its the latest version, 6 i think, go to...ehh i think its edit, one of the menus on the top has a option that says "Burn Image"

    click on that , find ur iso and burn the cd

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    imao, i just posted that message a few seconds or a min ago and already got posted lol thanks!!

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    yep np u were lucky

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    In Nero, it's under File | Burn Image.

    And for FC1, you don't need the 3rd iso unless you plan to install extras like developer's tools. The frist two are enough for a typical desktop install.

    Have fun!
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