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    a newbie request for which/version of decent appz

    i know this post thread isnt supposed to be in this newbie section but rather in linux applications, etc .. BUT since i dont fully know anything about linux applications and where to obtain them so therefore im newbie so im posting this thread here.

    here we go .. i've listed a few apps that i need you guys to read and post which and version that best fit my need.

    - office suite [, thats wat im using .. its very good compare to dull ms office products but just wanna ur guys to post if thers more office appz out there that i might try]

    - image editor [im artist .. sometimes i design a few logos for website, hockey teams, etc ( might going to enter comic book field btw ) currently using GIMP]

    - c++ editor/compiler [i may be an artist BUT im still into programming ( im still newbie with it but i find it fun to learn and programme something ) IDE/GUI appz prefered for editor but i think i can might use gcc to compile .. /shrug]

    - media player [i prefer a appz that can playback .avi, .mpeg, and others just like DivX

    - 3d [learned a few things about 3dmax a few months ago at css for to design robot stuff but im still interesting in it.. i think Blender's the one ..]

    - cd-r burner [i'd like to use a program that have almost same function similar to Nero 5/6 to burn cd-r for appz / media files ]

    - internet browser [i guess mozilla's the one since i love using it on ms winxp box.

    - download manager [sometimes [ rarely actually ] my dsl connection reset .. diling file from somewhere ceases and i lose url of http / ftp dl addy. so i'd like to use a program that can restore downloading]

    - email client [ ;p i know kmail but i dont like it [ again, personal performance .. so theres any more email client out there?]

    - irc chat [ xchat, thats wat i keep hearing from ppls but is it stable like mIRC?]

    - instant msg [i'd like to use a instant msg program that can handle msn, or aol, icq, etc]

    - applications that support gaming such as counter-strike [winex? or theres some sort of special code that i have to recompile on linux box to support cs ? i hope im wrong

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    1 ) Stick to OpenOffice, works perfectly, when using KDE try KOffice, also excelent.
    2 ) GIMP
    3 ) KDevelop
    4 ) Xine(Video) / XMMS (MP3)
    5 ) dunno
    6 ) dunno, looking for one too, us cdrecord on command line now.
    7 ) Browser: Mozilla or Firebird.
    8 ) Download Manager: Don't use it. (Have Edonkey on one of my wintendos machines.)
    9) Mailclient: Evolution
    10 ) Don't use icr.
    11 ) instant msg: Gaim
    12 ) Emulators: Wine / WineX
    [Could be, sometimes it's better to recompile them for your machine.]
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    1 ) OpenOffice is the best in my mind
    2 ) GIMP
    3 ) KDevelop or jst use anytext editor and then compile using gcc/g++
    4 ) Xine(Video) / XMMS (MP3) both great
    5 ) no clue about 3d
    6 ) K3B i have been having troubles with it on my laptop but i have heard it is the best
    7 ) firebird or opera (i use opera)
    8 ) not sure but i think you get one with mozilla but not sure
    9) Evolution
    10 ) Xchat, *****x if you want command line one
    11 ) Gaim
    12 ) WineX is best for games i have heard

    hope this helps
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    excellent! thanks! btw for 3d stuff .. check .. couldnt believe its free even its features are almost same as 3d maxstudio

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