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    Linux flavor best in secure, security architecture ?

    i hav got a series of questions that kept my mind bogling...i m new to linux

    1.) Can anyone suggest me which flavour of linux would be better regarding the security measures and networking stuff.which is the most secure linux flavour that i can use.

    2.)Its 's been said that most hackers use Slackware,Why is it like that..Whatz the actual reason for using Slackware.

    3.)I m Currently using Redhat 9.0.i hav got security linux kernel ..thatz said to be made under the guidelines of DMZ requirements.its called the Flask Architecture.i want to compile the kernel.would u suggest me to compile the kernel and replace the existing kernel .would that be an added security to my system.

    4.)What is Bastille Linux.i have heard that it hardens the current linux security measures by implementing some policys and it right.would it be fine for me to apply that to my current linux flavour(redhat 9.0)

    5.)I m planning to take up RHCE certification.i m actually intrested in networking and security far would this certification help me.bcoz i hav heard that the certification is valid only for 6 months or so.please suggest me what to do.


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    1. I like using Debian stables for servers mainly because the security patches are easy to patch.

    2. Slackware ... can't say I know much about it. I always thought that Debian was regarded as that. Nonetheless, I think you should either try Debian or Gentoo.

    3. You download a new kernel. move the old .config file to the root source of the new kernel, then run "make oldconfig." You'll have all the new features and then you can compile for a newer version with your existing modifications.

    4. Bastill Linux ... no clue. I do recall reading about SELinux. You might want to check that out if security is the most important aspect.

    5. RHCE, is it only 6 months?? For that amount of money??? Wow, I'll have to ask my friend about it as he is an RHCE. I do have my LPI (which is a non-profit certification) level 1 but I don't think it's nearly as hard as RHCE.
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    do a google for bastille - they will definately have a web site.

    slackware is a smallish distro maintained mainly be a single guy. claims to use software as the developers intended so no custom paths, mods or hacks. people who use it reckon its a pure version of linux no corporate stuff thrown in.

    there are lots of things you can do to secure a linux box. I would buy a book on linux security. but its not just the kernel. of course everything you run on server could contain security problems. so you then need to know all about each of those packages.

    anyway, certifications. They will be valid for ever coz you can alsways say you have the RHCE in RH 9 or whatever. but it is never a one-stop shop. When you go down the certification route you are doing to prove you're are the best. normally to get more pay better jobs etc. So you have to stay up to date. It often worth getting a few of the cheaper certifications first and trying to get your boss to fund the more expensive ones. some certs can be done from books but the RH ones look really tough.
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