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    I'd say, switch to using a smaller window manager like: icewm, for example. I have a laptop with a 550 Mhz Celeron, 64MB ram, a 4MB video card and I use Icewm and it runs just fine. Also, make sure that you have all unnecessary services turned off in your startup configuration.

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    Freakrz. Your system, although not top of the range should be able to handle a lighter gui without problem. Look into fluxbox/blackbox and even windowmaker. the ram and cpu you have is really not sufficiant to run gnome at a reasonable rate. I am assuming you are useing initrd at boot time. This is very slow and a boot on your system could maby take 40 - 50 seconds. you could reduce your boot time to about 15 seconds or less simply by recompiling your kernel and removing initrd. This is a recommended step to take before you go buying new ram as you might then feelt hat it is not nesascary!

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