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    Hi Kriss

    Yes I found it, it is pretty cool actually
    I also managed to get a few 1 to about 6 floppy distros that give the basic fundamentals too. So it is just a question of reading the tutorials and getting my bearings.

    It is really embarrasing

    I have just indulged in a rant about some distros of linux (Mainly because I didnt find anything remotely helpful) and then, just after the rant all appears. I probably look a bit of a fool, but the main thing is I have basically found what I am looking for.

    The linux from Scratch site is pretty much what I was after. It is good because I can understand some of it already. but I am going to have to do a lot of reading.

    All the best


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    I don't remember seeing it mentioned here so I thought I would at least throw it out there. Have you taken a look at Gentoo? It's, from what I understand, a build it from the ground up distro. The "Gentoo Linux - Gentoo Generic x86 Install" for ver 1.2 is 16 meg. Although, as you have pointed out, it has bloated up in ver 1.4. The "Gentoo Linux - Basic x86 install" is 95 meg.

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    Hello Logan5

    I have been trying to follow that one up. I have had a few problems with the links though. Every time I try to follow the links I get the usual errors.
    (This seems to be with the link you posted too).

    Are there any mirrors I could try?

    All the best


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    Hello Again Logan5

    I re checked, I checked the mirrors on the link you gave. Nothing.
    I went to Gentoo's homepage and saw a list of Mirrors. Which consisted
    of web pages with little shopping trolley gifs and credit card logos.
    "We will let you have this if you make a "donation" ?

    (Why dont they just say "we are selling this at this price?")

    Are they trying to get round the licences they have to abide by? I would be interested to know exactly what the licencing arrangements of some of these distros actually are. Like some claim to be under some "open source" licence. It is fine to pay for a CD, to cover the costs of shipping etc. And to keep the people who distribute this stuff in business. it is when they try to diguise a legitimate purchase as a donation.

    I will try the download lnks again later, but I do have doubts about getting it. Which is a pity because it does look good actually. the 16bit and 32 bit X86 distros do look OK and not all that far beyond my expectations with respect to size.

    Actually I think I will start a new thread about the licencing because it is a bit confusing.

    All the best



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    They ask you to buy it so that they can continue to make it. If they were out to make a huge profit then they probably would charge more than $5 for the cd's. The images are available for download here:

    that is assuming you want the generic x86 compatible version (if not then browse up three levels and select one more apropriate to your hardware) and also that you are in the United States of America (if not then go back to the list of mirrors on the gentoo site and find one closer to your location).

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    Hello Variant

    I dont have any objection to paying for anything. I am more than happy to pay for a distro of linux. Especially if it undermines Microsoft's pricing. I did say.

    "It is fine to pay for a CD, to cover the costs of shipping etc. And to keep the people who distribute this stuff in business."

    I just wonder why they describe a purchase as a "donation" is it something to do with the licencing?

    I live on the south Coast of the UK (Sussex)
    does anyone know of any reputable dealers that sell Linux? I dont have a reliable internet connection. It is broadband but it is NTL, (enough said!)

    I go to most dealers round here and new machines invariably have the doze running on them. I would end up having to reformat drives and lose the warranty. (yes that is how bad Gates gets). I could have a 7 CD distro from a shop. (Provided I had a footprint of about 20 to 90 mb on a 32 bit system, and the rest was just optional software).

    If there is anyone who knows of a dealer in Brighton. That would be helpful.

    All the best


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    Maybe some of them will supply you with distro cd's? Or sell it to you for a fair amount of money?


    ps. The GPL that I would suppose Gentoo is licensed under allows people to sell it, so I doubt it has anything to do with the license.

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