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    ESC/POS printer in Linux : Very Urgent!

    I'm very newbie in linux world, but i'm working around with RH9 for the last weeks and i'm trying to learn more.

    My question is this:

    How can I get my epson TM-U220 PD POS printer installed in Linux?

    The printer is recognize as TM-2.02U in startup but isn't istalled in the print manager.

    I've got to say that win2k does the same and also don´t recognize the printer.

    The problem is that in win2k my POS program (a common DOS program), after choising the generic drivers, prints just fine to it, even if the printer isn't installed in system.
    I believe that appens because the printer is a generic ESC/POS for dos. I don't use no other program to make a bridge from DOS to WIN.

    I've installed and run perfectly FreeDOS and DOSemu on RH9 and i've got to say that the program works even better on Linux that in is own native SO

    But when I send data to print in the program on DOSemu, nothing...

    I've bet that this is only some couple of line missing somewere...

    Please, anyone can help me?

    P.S. - Everything is in is normal configuration. Obviously !

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    It has been some serious time since I last did anything with dosemu, but if I'm not incorrect, you may have to "pipe" the relevant I/O ports through. Dosemu generally doesn't give the programs running in it access to the physical I/O ports, but instead intercepts the I/O and "converts" them to the correct device calls to the kernel.

    Some things that you should check is therefore the dosemu config file to see if the parallell port is set up properly, and also the permissions on /dev/lp0 (you need to make sure that your user can access it).

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    Thank's for the tip, but i'm don´t understand were to start looking.
    One thing is for sure: i've tried to use a normal account and the root account and the result is the same.
    The dosEMU config file as to have what lines to work?

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