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    RedHat 8.0: X11 how to read "man"?

    Hi to everybody,
    did install RedHat 8.0.
    I want to read X11 'man', but don't know how.
    When I have:
    "root@localhost X11R6# man"
    I get:
    "What manual page do you want?"
    and at this point I am stuck.
    How do I specify the page?
    What if I want read from a begining, all pages?

    Did try typing "page1" and other stuff - doesn't work.
    Please, tell me how to make that manual readable.


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    man man!

    you could always run one of my favorite commands "man man" to read the manual on the man pages :P

    but i am looking for the xfree86 man page and can not find one...but the normal syntax is "man [program] so if you want to read the man page on gaim, run "man gaim"

    hope this helps

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    the "man" command is not divided in pages but rather in topics.
    just like ouijongbu said you could access the manual for gaim by typing "man gaim" at the commandline or "man x11" or "man xf86" and see if you get any good results.

    oh, and by the way, the thing on the bottom of each man page that goes like:
    see "info ***" for more information

    is just pure ********, i haven't found it being true a single time, so don't waste your time on it.

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