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how do i make a counter strike server, i know i need some software, but what software do i need, and where can i get it?...
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    why does my mouse skip all over when i try to move it?

    how do i make a counter strike server, i know i need some software, but what software do i need, and where can i get it?

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    Please supply more info. Distro, mouse type. Then hopefully we can help.
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    I had this problem with suse8.1 and was UNABLE to fix it. i think it is an xfree86 issue so if yoiu can upgrade to the latest version oof X then that should fix the problem. As a tempry work around you can do this: I found that the problem ONLY happend if there was any mouse input whilest starting X or switching to a consol with CTRL + ALT + F1/2/3/4/5/6. It is intensly annoying but if you remember to remove your hand as soon as you startx it wont happen. if it does then switching to CTRL + ALT + F1 and then back to CTRL + ALT + F7 will get rid of it.

    Sorry that its such a lame workaround but i beleive it only happens with this version of XFREE. And im guessing you are useing SuSE8.1 right.. so maby it only happens with that too.

    Im useing Gentoo now- and have a much better time!

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    i used redhat 9 and had the same it`s not only SuSE.And i think the best thing you can do, as variant had said, is to upgrade, preferebly, to fedora core 1(although i have some problems with it )
    Some people here from forum said to me that i had a bad distribution of redhat 9 so the problems i had...It could be that too...So you should check your distribution

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    make sure you are using the correct mouse type, you dont want linux to think your using a different mouse.... this could also be an intellisense problem, i have had this

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    could it also be a refrresh rate issue?

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