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Thread: Crashes

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    I'm kinda new to Linux - I installed this system, Debian 2.2.20, about a year ago and have used it sparingly every few months. I keep hearing about how stable and fast the Gnu/Linux OS is but I am yet to witniss any proof of this, as my system keeps crashing (seemingly at random times, giving no response to ctrl+alt+backspace or ctrl+alt+f(n)) and takes forever to start even the simplest of applications. I suspected it was a problem with the graphics; I've read about others who have had problems with ATI cards and that XFree86 isn't a stable version. Now my question is really: where exactly should I start looking for the problem? I've already looked through pretty much all the files in the /var/log directory for any indications of kernel panic messages and the like but haven't found anything obvious. I can upload my dmesg and other info onto a website and post the links in a moment, but I'd much rather have someone point me in the right direction for how to investigate problems like this rather than wasting someone else's time.

    <edit> Now I ran into even worse problems; about 20 minutes ago I was sitting there peacefully reading a manual page about XF86Config-4 when suddenly I got an error of:

    Bank 3: f20000000002010a
    Kernel panic: CPU context corrupt
    In swapper task - not syncing

    I now get different kernel panics every time I try to boot linux, I can't explain what causes them because I haven't installed *anything* for days.
    This is one of my old dmesg's that I saved:

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    how stable is your hardware?

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    It seems that you must know something about Linux, not everyone knows how to use the dmseg comamnd or even view the log files.

    The first thing I would recommend is upgrading your kernel to .. 2.4.x. I believe the latest stable version of Debian comes in 4 different flavors. I like to use the bf24 flavor (flavor is just a kernel that has different things available with them) because it contains a lot of the newer hardware. I'm using a custom kernel but bf24 has never given me much trouble.

    So with that in mind, try the stable release (I think it's 3.0r2). Let us know what happens.
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    yea debian has lots of diff flavors like vanilla and stuff

    go to they are all there

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    Thanks for the help,
    I've actually compiled a 2.4.18 kernel as an alternative to the 2.2.20 one, and surprisingly the 2.4.18 kernel boots perfectly - but the crashes still persist. I've googled for the recent kernel panic that i've been getting and found out its exclusively related to hardware and I'm basically out of luck when it comes to a solution. I figured the crashes and slow system must be a side affect of the hardware problems, and/or a misconfiguration in the graphics settings. I'll look into installing a newer version of debian sometime soon, and someday i'll update my hardware, until then I'll survive with windoze 98SE :\
    Thanks again for the help

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