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    I am a newbie and would appreciate some advice

    I haven't currently got a version of Linux but Im wanting to get one but I don't know what one to get, any suggestions. I am fed-up with windows,
    But will windows based game work on Linux, if not can I get patches?
    Drivers - Are most components usable with Linux even if I have to download new ones?

    Any sort of advice would be useful.



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    Linux is about choice, and there are quite a few choices out there. Redhat,SuSe, Mandrake are good first distros and support most hardware and peripeherals. Many drivers that are not present with the install can be found. Wine,winex make it possible to run games and Winblowz programs with Linux.Generally the above mentioned distros are relatively easy to install. You could be running Linux within about an hour from start of install.
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    check out wine and its ability to allow ytou to run Windows programs under Linux.

    have fun


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    I say forget about Wine or Winex, look for games that is written for Linux.
    The same suggestion about programs.

    Just a Newbie....Looking 4 Info....

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    Take a look at this too!
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    I would have to agree on the "forget about wine or winex app" for PC games on PC. The path of least resistance and sure of getting you the games you still want along with linux is to just create a dual boot PC or laptop.

    BTW, this is whay I did. I wanted to use feature in both worlds with as little time spent on degugging wine/winex or the game so I dual booted my laptop. Now everything works on windows as it's advertised and same for linux apps.

    In my opinion it all comes down to let linux do what it does best and same for windows. i.e just becuase with the use of a linux emulator on windows doesn't mean that's the best way for you to use the app or OS.

    the above mentioned distros are relatively easy to install. You could be running Linux within about an hour from start of install.
    I'd have to disagree with this statement. It is easy if you've installed Linux before and understand the differences in even they way it refers to which hard drive is which and to install the boot loader on the mbr or not? These are just a few of the examples of the many differences in names for the same thing.

    No matter what you install, you really need to know what these key terms mean along with others that normal windows users never are exposed to, like eth0, ppp1, smb, nmb etc...

    There was a basic post the other day on a simple breakdown of the more popular distro's and the main differences between them that would be a good read for you to strart with on this site. If I can find it, I'll edit this post with the link.

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