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    What did just happen?


    I'v been using Mandrake 9.2 with the KDE GUI for about a week or so ... I tried to install and application called E-Cpu and it said Enlightement environment not set up ... so i looked through my packages that come with the cd2 installation and found a package for Enlightement so i installed it...

    Now everything just changed ... my icons don't look the same, when i go and click on applications it doesn't show the same programs that i used to have ... if i go to the desktop and click on lets say cd-rom, nothing happens ... anybody know what i did??

    I read about it briefly somewhere that this is a Window Manager? can someone explain this to me?

    Thank you!

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    Umm ... Enlightenment is a completely different desktop all together then KDE, that is why everything looks different.

    A window manager is really just something if you are running the X GUI. Each one has a different feel and look. Some are basic and very minimal in feel like fluxbox or any *box for that matter. And some are "bloated" like Gnome and KDE. Enlightenment has always been known to be a very nice looking desktop, but a little difficult to get a handle on at first.

    Hopefully that clears up some stuff ... if not then I apologize ahead of time.
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    Hey QuickDraw,

    Just curious, you didn't used to be a Macintosh programmer did you? Is that where the QuickDraw comes from?

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