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    can't get drive to boot

    I had winXp running on one drive, and Linux running on another drive. The problem is that the drive that had Linux it on it is now dead (the motor crapped out) and now I can't get the drive that still has windows on it to boot. It was suggested that I use bootcgf /restore. this hasn't worked as now instead of getting the 010101010... string instead of booting to windows, I get an error message saying it can't read the drive correctly.

    All my files are still on the drive and I can access them when the drive is put into another computer as a slave, I just can't get the winXP to boot.

    I figure the problem was that it was still looking for the linux drive to give me my boot options. Since that drive is now a paper weight, it can't find it.. If anyone has any ideas how to get the windows operating system to boot, I'd be greatful.

    Can anyone help?

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    so your problem is that the xp drive has no bootloader?

    put it as hda (pri, master) and either run fdisk /mbr or bootcfg /restore from the winxp recue thing, or make liek a 10mb linux partiion at then end of it and install a linux bootloader.

    if u cant get the xp boot thign to go try bootcfg /help

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