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    TV card on kernel-2.6.3, need help

    Hi, I am a newbie. I have just installed RH9 on my machine and compiled a new kernel to support my TV capture card(bt87. The kernel source that I downloaded from is 2.6.3(full source). After untar it to /usr/local/src/linux-2.6.3, I use make menuconfig to add support for my TV card but after I choose Video for Linux, and other options to support my TV card as module and compile the kernel + modules, I still can not use my TV card in my new kernel. Anybody know what I shoul do to make it work?
    By the way, do I have to download the driver for my TVcard and install it in orther to use it or it has already been in the modules directory of the source?

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    Did you remember to copy the newly compiled kernel into place before rebooting?

    mount /boot

    cp /usr/local/src/linux-2.6.3/arch/i386/boot/bzImage /boot/

    Ps /usr/local/src/linux/ is not the normal location to put your kernel source AFAIK It should be /usr/src/linux/

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    Well i guess /usr/local/src would be better due to the fact that src is suppose to be for sources and local is for programs the admin has installed but the norm is to use /usr/src with a /usr/src/linux symlink to the current kernel source.

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    to get your TV card working you'll need to have certain modules loaded. First check to see if they are by entering, in a terminal window, -
    Now, what you're after is somthing along these lines :-
    Module                  Size  Used by    Not tainted
    tuner                  11712   1 (autoclean)
    bttv                  101344   0 (autoclean)
    i2c-algo-bit            8776   1 (autoclean) [bttv]
    i2c-core               18916   0 (autoclean) [tuner bttv i2c-algo-bit]
    videodev                8288   2 (autoclean) [bttv]
    So, as you can see the bttv and the tuner modules have been loaded and are being used.

    Looking into my 'dmesg' I get the following :-

    Linux video capture interface: v1.00
    i2c-core.o: i2c core module
    i2c-algo-bit.o: i2c bit algorithm module
    bttv: driver version 0.7.107 loaded
    bttv: using 4 buffers with 2080k (8320k total) for capture
    bttv: Host bridge is VIA Technologies, Inc. VT8366/A/7 [Apollo KT266/A/333]
    bttv: Bt8xx card found (0).
    bttv0: Bt878 (rev 2) at 00:0a.0, irq: 10, latency: 32, mmio: 0xddefe000
    bttv0: detected: Modular Technology MM201/MM202/MM205/MM210/MM215 PCTV [card=23], PCI subsystem ID is 14c7:0101
    bttv0: using: BT878(Modular Technology MM20) [card=23,autodetected]
    i2c-algo-bit.o: Adapter: bt848 #0 scl: 1  sda: 1 -- testing...
    i2c-algo-bit.o:1 scl: 1  sda: 0
    i2c-algo-bit.o:2 scl: 1  sda: 1
    i2c-algo-bit.o:3 scl: 0  sda: 1
    i2c-algo-bit.o:4 scl: 1  sda: 1
    i2c-algo-bit.o: bt848 #0 passed test.
    i2c-core.o: adapter bt848 #0 registered as adapter 0.
    bttv Modtec: Unknown TunerString:Philips FM1246
    bttv0: using tuner=1
    bttv0: i2c: checking for Bt832 @ 0x88... not found
    bttv0: i2c: checking for Bt832 @ 0x8a... not found
    bttv0: i2c: checking for TDA9875 @ 0xb0... not found
    bttv0: i2c: checking for TDA7432 @ 0x8a... not found
    i2c-core.o: driver i2c TV tuner driver registered.
    tuner: chip found @ 0xc2
    tuner(bttv): type forced to 1 (Philips PAL_I (FI1246 and compatibles)) [insmod]
    tuner: type already set (1)
    i2c-core.o: client [Philips PAL_I (FI1246 and compa] registered to adapter [bt848 #0](pos. 0).
    bttv0: PLL: 28636363 => 35468950 .. ok
    bttv0: registered device video0
    bttv0: registered device vbi0
    Obviously you'll get different brand names as you'll have a different card.

    The config for the TV card is in my /etc/modules.conf file (nb. it's different if you have Mandrake) and the lines to note are :-
    # bttv stuff
    alias char-major-81 videodev
    alias char-major-81-0 bttv
    options tuner type=1
    options bttv tuner=1
    Once again some of your parameters will be different, as the "1" there is for a Phillips tuner. Check out /usr/src/linux/Documentation/video4linux/bttv/cards for a list of cards, although it should be autodetected. (nb. the "linux" part of that path may need to be replaced by something else on your system.).

    well, I think that y#should do it.

    have fun
    and try simply entering "xawtv" at your terminal command line prompt and see what happens.

    Use Suse 10.1 and occasionally play with Kubuntu
    Also have Windows 98SE and BeOS

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