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    Is Gentoo easy to install?

    Is it?

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    Linux Newbie Darl's Avatar
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    Of course, difficulty is a very subjective issue. I suggest going through the installation handbook at

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    Linux Engineer big_k105's Avatar
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    its not that hard if you read thru the manual and fallow it perfectly. here is the manual for installing on x86 systems

    good luck and have fun if you decide to try it
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    For a heart surgeon a coronary bypass is probably quite routine.


    But the documentation is quite specific so shouldn't be too fraught with difficulty. Installing Gentoo is my next challenge. After Everest.
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    Installing gentoo is easy. you just floow the instructions as big_k says. Depending on the rout you take it can be quite time consuming. a stage 3 tarball can be installed in an hour whereas a stage one can take several days. Personaly unless you are a "power user" the I wold just go with stage 3.

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    Linux Guru sarumont's Avatar
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    Gentoo is good and worth the possible pain and bloodshed that may happen during an install.

    However, the level of difficulty of the install is completely proportional to your experience with the Linux command line and ability to follow instructions.

    Either way, you come out of a Gentoo install knowing more than when you started.
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